I believe that hiking is for everyone, and my aim is to bring people of all ages, all lifestyles and all cultures into the mountains. I want to create an environment where people can just be and find peace. No average description could do justice to the variety in age, demographic background, character and hiking experience that I regularly experience on my tours.

When I guide in the mountains, I want to pass on that feeling of adventure that new places always bring. Hence, I mostly choose tours that I have not done before. I will have hiked in the area before, but not exactly taken the same treks and stayed in the same places. Hence, I know my way around and am familiar with the country, culture and language. Yet, it is also a new adventure for me and that makes each of my trips a unique experience and special to me.


Climate change is real, and its consequences hit the mountains dramatically. Some may think that one small person can do nothing to stop the crisis and individual actions do not matter. Yet, I believe that many small people who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world. Besides, what alternative do we have? Therefore, Shanti Treks will promote a change in peoples’ way of traveling.

After frequently flying short distances for many years, I have recently stopped flying within Europe and try limiting my long-distance flights as much as possible. I have also sold my car this year and will be traveling to all my European tours with public transport. Guests who choose the train over flights where possible are rewarded with discounts on my tours to promote the use of public transport more widely. Where flights are inevitable, I will estimate the CO2-damage and part of the business’ profits will be used for compensation.

I have also decided against luggage transport by vehicle on all my tours. Especially the narrow roads in the Alps are already overcrowded and luggage transport artificially adds to this problem. The variety of my tours accommodates different fitness levels, so everyone will find an adequate tour. Besides, the charm of my tours lies in its simplicity – not carrying much means you do not have to care for much and that gives you a beautiful sense of freedom!


Traveling in remote areas of the world made me aware of the safe and prosperous environment I was born into. Having been lucky to enjoy free education and build a career that finances my livelihood, I also recognise the responsibility that comes with such a privilege to give back to the community.

Since I volunteered in different projects in Guatemala, I dreamt of building a community that supports young peoples’ education. Throughout the years, I met so many young inspiring people that lived in circumstances where education was scarce, and I felt overwhelmed at the time to support them in the long-term. For the past two years, my mum and I have been financing the studies of two young students that I met on my travels in India and their journey so far reminded me of my dream to build a charity.

Shanti Treks is not only a traveling business, but also a financial source to support those projects that I volunteered and visited on my travels in countries like Guatemala, Peru, Nepal, and India. Once, I have finished the bureaucratic process of establishing this business, my next step will be to found a non-profit organisation. Parts of my profits will go directly into the NGO, which will start financing two schools, in Jaipur (India) and Antigua (Guatemala) that provide free education for children in need. In the future, more schools shall be supported, and Shanti Treks will visit these schools as part of a hiking trip to these countries.