Find Peace in the Mountains

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If you are looking for...

  • A hiking trip that leaves you with nothing to worry about
  • An experinced guide with great inside knowledge
  • A small group of like minded people
  • A way to slow down and calm yourself
  • A mindful business with great focus on sustainability are right where you belong!

Tour Programme

What's on offer in 2024?

  • Hiking on the coast and into the mountains of Corsica and Sardinia
  • Trekking along the coast of England and into the Scottish Highlands
  • Hut-trekking in the German, Austrian and Italian Alps
  • Trans-Alp crossing, wild swimming, wildlife watching
  • Hiking and Yoga Retreats based at an Alpine Hut
  • Trekking around the Manaslu in Nepal

What guests like about Shanti Treks

Magical starry skies. Sunrises over the silent valleys and mountains. Warm aroma of cedarwood in the air. Breathtaking peaks in veils of cloud. Wild swimming in the mountain lakes. Warm-hearted evenings with like-minded people. What an incredible adventure! On these trips one not only explores new places, but also gets to know oneself better. Traveling with Shanti Treks makes all this a reality. Johanna’s professional guidance, dedication and passion makes it an unforgettable experience.


I really enjoyed the hut-trek in the Sellrain Alps in Austria. The scenery was beautiful and the mountain huts were a wonderful experience. Especially enjoyable was how quiet the routes and huts were. I think this really added to the experience and I would seek the same again in the future. Likewise it was a good group size and dynamic. I thought you lead the group really well. In fact, I don't recall ever walking and keeping pace in a group so well. This is quite a skill 😀


Johanna's Alpine Trek was a fantastic way to introduce me to hut to hut hiking and really helped me to find the beauty in multi-day hikes. The trip was so well organized; I never felt stressed or worried about the itinerary and it was so helpful having Jo there to navigate hut check in each night. Jo is very knowledgeable about mountain conditions and taught me a few new techniques to traversing snow fields and scrambling. I can't wait to try one of her tours again next year.


I liked everything about the trip, as I had nothing I needed to think about. I liked that Johanna was kind of a friendly leader. It was fun but then also she knew how to take charge and she was very encouraging and I felt it. I really liked how you fixed our pace. Starting Day 3 I started really getting used to weight of the backpack, the rhythm and started understanding myself to enjoy the hike. I loved the route, loved our group, loved the huts, loved the kaisershmarn ❤️