Welcome to my hut diary!

What do hut owners do to protect the mountains?

Which huts can be accessed by public transport?

Where do they serve good vegetarian or vegan food?

What is a Alpenvereinshütte?

How is it to sleep at an AV-hut?

What do I need for my stay?

How do I organise a night at an AV-hut?

I'll tell you all of that in my diary!

In 2023 I slept in more than 30 huts, which are mostly managed by one of the Alpine Clubs. All of these huts are very similar in structure and yet differ in some ways. Many guests who have never stayed in a hut before have no idea what to expect and often ask similar questions in advance. My hut diary intends to give an you an impression of what it is like to stay at a hut in the mountains and portraits many beautiful huts with a special focus on tradition and sustainability, as well as huts away from the crowded routes.