Trekking for newbies

What to expect:

The Alps have become an increasingly popular holiday destination for hiking and trekking. Part of the reason is that with GPS tracks it has become easier to navigate in the mountains. Yet, navigating safely in the mountains takes more than following a GPS signal. On this 5-day trek I introduce you to hut trekking: How to prepare a trek, orientate yourself without GPS, interpret the weather forecast and judge weather conditions, and experience your first nights in various typical Alpine huts.

Physical requirements:

We hike about 4 hours each day (not including breaktime, up to 12 km and 800 m elevation gain) on forest roads or narrow hiking trails. On Day 3 you need to be sure-footed and free of giddiness, as there are a few short technically more difficult sections on the trek. This trip is for you if you haven't been to the Alps or not yet on a multi-day trek and would like to try it out, or if you are looking for a gentle trekking week with a focus on purely enjoying the mountains.  

Service included:

  • Organised hiking by a qualified mountain guide
  • Handout on tour planning, orientation, weather, first aid
  • A group of max. 8 guests (min. 4 guests)
  • 2x nights in twin rooms in a hotel
  • 4x hut nights in shared rooms or dormitories
  • 6x breakfast
  • Vegan diet and dietary restrictions may be supported upon request
  • Public transport from Berchtesgaden to the start and from the end of the trek, incl. one gondola ride

Extra costs on tour:

  • Transport to Berchtesgaden
  • Lunch, dinner, and beverages during the trip


In Berchtesgaden we stay in twin rooms in a simple hotel, which is a 5-minute walk from the main station. The huts are simple mountain huts, and all offer shared rooms, which are shared with other hikers if we don’t fill all beds and the hut is fully booked. Wasseralm only offers simple dormitories that are shared with other hikers. All huts have shared washing facilities, and some huts offer showers at additional cost. The huts serve buffet-style continental breakfast. Lunch and dinner are chosen from the huts menus. Vegetarian diet is well supported on the huts’ menus and many huts offer (at least) one vegan dish by now. The huts aim to cater for dietary restrictions; however it is not always possible given their simple facilities and remoteness of their location. If you have any dietary requirements, please communicate them in advance.  


It is possible and highly recommended to travel to Berchtesgaden by train. The guesthouse and meeting point in Berchtesgaden is within 500 meters from the main station. Salzburg is an hour bus ride from Berchtesgaden and has the nearest airport. Munich airport is about three hours away by train. Parking is available at the guesthouse, yet one cannot leave the car there during the trip. I will travel by train and bus only and am more than happy to assist with booking tickets. Please  get in touch!


Day 1 – Arrival
We meet at the hotel in Berchtesgaden, where we'll also spend our last night, so extra luggage can be stored at the hotel during the tour. There is a pre-tour briefing and discussion of the packing list in the afternoon, once everyone has arrived, and a joined dinner in the city centre in the evening. 

Day 2 - Gotzenalm (1685 m)
9 km, ↑530 m, ↓630 m, 3,5 hrs
We take a bus to lake Königssee and a gondola high above the lake, where we start our gentle hike. Halfway to Gotzenalm we pass a mountain lodge, Priesenbergalm, where we can stop for lunch. In the afternoon we have an optional session on researching hut treks and what to prepare before you get started. 

Day 3 - Wasseralm (1416 m)
10 km, ↑490 m, ↓760 m, 4 hrs 
After leaving the green meadows of Gotzenalm, we follow a small and partly exposed mountain path that is sometimes insured with ropes for which you should be free of giddiness. Yet, it is only a short section, and we can take our time to pass it safely before arriving at Wasseralm. In the afternoon we have an optional session on evaluating the difficulty of treks, orientation in the mountains, what devices you can use, and we exercise old-school map reading.

Day 4 - Kärlingerhaus (1631 m)
8 km, ↑630 m, ↓410 m, 3.5 hrs 
Today the landscape changes as we enter the "stone sea". The area used to be under the sea many moons ago and the rocks are the remains of a large coral reef. On the way we pass two mountain lakes that invite for a refreshing swim before we get to Kärlingerhaus. In the afternoon we have an optional session on how to read the weather forecast, prepare for weather changes, and practice what to do in different emergency settings, such as thunder. 

Day 5 - Ingolstädter Haus (2119 m)
13 km, ↑850 m, ↓380 m, 5 hrs 
Today we get further into the former coral reef and the landscape becomes very cast, yet beautiful. If the weather allows we take the long route and stop for lunch at Riemannhaus before turning east to Ingolstädter Haus, where we spend the night. In the afternoon we have an optional session on the steps to take in case of an emergency and how to practice first aid discussing the most common injuries or health problems in the mountains.

Day 6 - Kallbrunnalm (1454 m)
8 km, ↑150 m, ↓800 m, 2.5 hrs 
Our way down takes us via the lake of Dießbachstausee, where we can take a dip in the lake. Shortly after, we arrive at Kallbrunnalm, where we can have one last lunch before we start our journey via bus back to Berchtesgaden. 

Day 7 - Departure
We finish our hiking week over dinner the night before. Everybody can meet up for breakfast in the guesthouse and you can start your travel home at any time today.

Note that our hiking days may differ from the described programme due to weather and path conditions or the physical ability of the group.

Event Information

Start 23-06-2024
End 29-06-2024
Slots 8
Registered 2
Available 6
Price 995,00€
Location Berchtesgaden, Germany